meetup event

The first meetup of our group!

The schedule of the event is (Short description):

19:00-19:10 : Mingling, getting to know our community

19:10-19:15 : Opening talk

19:15-20:15 : CMA (lecture + Q&A)

20:15-21:15 : Semtex.c(lecture + Q&A)

21:15-22:00 : Mingling

Detailed description:

Lecture: CMA
Description:continguous memory allocator - how to allocate large contigous memory for large scale DMA.
Lecturer: Mark Veltzer -CTO of Hinbit and a senior instructor at John Bryce. Mark is also a member of the Free Source Foundation and I contribute to many free projects.

Description:A Linux local privilege escalation - the sign was there
Lecturer:Gil Yankovitch, a senior kernel security researcher from nyx security solutions

Looking forward to seeing all of you guys at the event,