meetup event

In our third meetup we will have two great lectures: Silence of the Canaries and Kernel Init process.

The schedule for this meetup will be:
19:00-19:15 : Mingling, getting to know our community
19:15-20:15 : Silence of the Canaries (lecture + Q&A)
20:25-21:25 : Kernel Init process
21:25-22:00 : Mingling

Detailed description:
Lecture: Silence of the Canaries
Description: This lecture will provide an in-depth review of the usage of canaries in the kernel and the interaction with userspace that is related to the subject. The lecture will also include a short review of canaries and why they are needed in general so don’t be afraid if you never heard of them.
Lecturer: Gil Yankovitch, CEO, Chief Security Researcher from nyx security solutions

Lecture: Kernel Init process
Description: Have you ever wondered what happens when the kernel fires up? What is going on under the hood before init process is executed?
This lecture will go into great depths explaining the entire process. From linker tricks and init sections to mounting and locating the init process to execute.
Lecturer: Boaz Taitler, experienced kernel developer.

Looking forward to seeing all of you guys at the event,