meetup event

It’s time for our fourth meetup!
This time we are going to have a fascinating lecture on linux containers from the kernel point of view.

19:00-19:15: Mingling
19:15-20:00: first section
20:00-20:10: break
20:10-21:00: second section
21:00-21:15: Q&A
21:15-22:00: Mingling

Detailed description:
Linux kernel namespaces and cgroups subsytems by Rami Rosen
(Author of “Linux Kernel Networking - Implementation and Theory” by
Appress, 2014)

Here is supposed ToC:
- Background: namespaces/cgroups, the basis for containers
-Kernel Namespaces implementation
- The 6 kernel namespaces - some implementation details.
- System calls for namespaces
- Usage examples
- Cgroups kernel implementation
- cgroup VFS
- cgroup filesystem ops for handling cgroups examples
- The cgroup implementation + some userspace examples
- Checkpoint/Restore in brief

Hoping to see you there,