meetup event

Its time for yet another exciting meetup of our ever-growing community!

This time our meetup is hosted by SQLink at their office in Ramat Gan.
Parking is available at the location, make sure to bring your parking ticket with you!
Food & drinks are on SQLink so come hungry, these guys know how to treat guests!

So without further ado here is the schedule for the meetup:
19:00-19:15 mingling time
19:15-20:15 Locking mechanisms in the kernel (Lecture + Q&A)
20:15-20:25 break
20:25-21:25 High performance storage devices in kernel. (Lecture + Q&A)

Locking mechanisms in the kernel

In this lecture we will present various locking mechanisms implemented in the linux kernel.
From sysV locks to raw spinlocks and locks under the RT patch.

Lecturer: Mark Veltzer - CTO of Hinbit and a senior instructor at John Bryce. Mark is also a member of the Free Source Foundation and contributes to many free projects.

High performance storage devices in kernel.

In this lecture we will present the Linux Kernel storage layers and dive into blk-mq, a scalable parallel block layerfor high performance block devices, and how it is used to unleash the performance of NVMe, flash and beyond.

Lecturer: Evgeny Budilovsky, Kernel Developer at E8 Storage

- The lectures will be filmed and the video will be uploaded to youtube (subscribe to kerneltlv channel on youtube!)
- The lectures will start at the specified hours so please don’t be late.
- All the lectures will be in Hebrew.

I’m always looking for new lectures so if you think you have what it takes and want to give a lecture at when of our meetups just let me know :)

And as always I am waiting to see all of you guys. If I’m lucky maybe even see a few new faces.