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Hello folks!
It’s time for yet another great session with Rami Rosen.
Rami is the author of “Linux Kernel Networking - Implementation and Theory” by Appress, 2014). You should definitely checkout his website which is available at the following link -

This time our meetup is hosted by Checkpointat their office in Tel Aviv.
The event will be held at a conference room on the ground floor (Pink conference room).

The schedule for the event is:
19:00-19:15 mingling time
19:15-20:15 Advanced cgruops and namespaces (Lecture + Q&A)
20:15-20:25 break
20:25-21:25 Introduction Linux Kernel Networking (Lecture + Q&A)

Advanced cgruops and namespaces
In this lecture we will continue from where we left off at the previous cgroups and namespaces lecture and dive in even deeper!
We will start with A short refresh about cgroups and namespaces. After that we will look at a myriad set of brand new features of cgroups and namespaces:
- cgroups v2 design (cgroup v2 was started to be merged in the current kernel, 4.4)
- cgroups v2 examples (migrating tasks, enabling and disabling controllers, and more).
- comparison between cgroup v2 unified hierarchy and cgroup v1 legacy hierarchy.
-PIDs namespaces (from kernel 4.3)
cgroup namespaces (not merged yet)

Introduction Linux Kernel Networking
In this talk we will discuss the packet traversal in the Linux kernel stack (Rx/Tx) and its interaction with the various networking subsystems, with emphasize on the routing subsystems (routing lookup, forwarding, multicast and more).
We will describe the main methods and the main data structures related to the packet traversal both in Rx/Tx.

- The lectures will be filmed and the video will be uploaded to youtube (subscribe to kerneltlv channel on youtube!)
- The lectures will start at the specified hours so please don’t be late.
- All the lectures will be in Hebrew.
- It is recommended to go over the previous lecture that Rami gave on cgroups and namespaces to make sure that you get the most out of the lecture.

I’m always looking for new lectures so if you think you have what it takes and want to give a lecture at when of our meetups just let me know :)

And as always I am waiting to see all of you guys. If I’m lucky maybe even see a few new faces.