meetup event

In this meetup we are going back to Google Campus TLV for our biggest meetup yet! (150 spots!). I’m excited to see how our community grows and hope that this meetup will set the bar for our following meetups in terms of how many people will participate.

In this meetup we will talk about RCU and the Berkeley Packet filter. The RCU lecture is a follow up lecture to the previous locking lecture so it is recommended to go over it before the lecture.

The schedule for this meetup is:
19:00-19:15 mingling time
19:15-20:15 RCU (Lecture + Q&A)
20:15-20:25 break
20:25-21:25 BPF (Lecture + Q&A)

Following the previous lecture on kernel locks it is now the time to talk about lock-free data structures. In this lecture we will cover the implementation and usage of the RCU mechanism in the kernel.
Lecturer: Mark Veltzer - CTO of Hinbit and a senior instructor at John Bryce. Mark is also a member of the Free Source Foundation and contributes to many free projects.

This lecture is all about the Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF) and its uses in Linux. In this lecture we will cover the following topics
- What is the BPF and why do we need it?
- Writing custom BPF
- Notes on BPF implementation in the kernel
- Usage examples: SOCKET_FILTER & seccomp
Lecturer: Kfir Gollan, senior embedded software developer, Linux kernel hacker and software team leader

- The lectures will be filmed and the video will be uploaded to youtube (subscribe to kerneltlv channel on youtube!)
- The lectures will start at the specified hours so please don’t be late.
- All the lectures will be in Hebrew.

I’m always looking for new lectures so if you think you have what it takes and want to give a lecture at when of our meetups just let me know :)

And as always I am waiting to see all of you guys. If I’m lucky maybe even see a few new faces.