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In this session, Shmulik Ladkani will talk about kernel’s net_device abstraction, its interfaces, and how net-devices interact with the network stack.
We will cover many of the software network devices that exist in the Linux kernel, the functionalities they provide and some interesting use cases.

19:00-19:15 Mingling time
19:15-20:15 Part 1
20:15-20:25 Break
20:25-21:30 Part 2
21:30-22:00 Q&A

The meetup will take place on 19:00 April 3rd at SQLink’s offices at Menahem Begin 11 Ramat Gan (Beit Gibor) on the 22nd floor. Parking is available in the building’s parking lot.

The talk will be given in Hebrew.

About the speaker:
Shmulik Ladkani is a Tech Lead at Ravello Systems.
Shmulik started his career at Jungo (acquired by NDS/Cisco) implementing residential gateway software, focusing on embedded Linux, Linux kernel, networking and hardware/software integration.

51966 coffees and billions of forwarded packets later, with millions of homes running his software, Shmulik left his position as Jungos lead architect and joined Ravello Systems (acquired by Oracle) as tech lead, developing a virtual data center as a cloud service. He’s now focused around virtualization systems, network virtualization and SDN.

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