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We are excited to invite you to yet another meetup. This time our guest host is Benoit Hudzia from Ireland.

The talk will be given in English.

Meetup schedule:
19:00-19:15 mingling
19:15-20:00 Persistent memory Persistent memory holds a lot of promise: what’s not to like about vast amounts of directly-attached memory that remembers its contents over a power cycle? For some years we have been told that large persistent-memory arrays are coming; now it seems that they are about to arrive. In this lecture we will be covering the following:

  • What persistent memory is
  • The upcoming storage class memory (SCM) devices
  • Differences between NVMe and SCM
  • How to use it and emulate it
  • Challenges: durability and consistency
  • Remote access
  • Implications for next generation architectures

About the speaker:
Benoit Hudzia is a Cloud/System Architect working on designing the next generation cloud technology as well as running the Irish operations for Stratoscale.
Previously he was working as a Senior Researcher - Architect for SAP on HANA enterprise Cloud.
Benoit has authored more than 20 Academic publications and also is the holder of numerous patents in the domain of virtualization, OS, cloud, distributed system, etc.. His code and ideas are included in various SAP commercial solutions as well as open source solutions such as Qemu/KVM Hypervisor, Linux Kernel, Openstack.
Check out his blog at

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