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This time we’ll talk about recent trends in moving handling of system-level events to userspace to achieve more flexible systems. We’ll see how the traditional Unix separation of mechanism and policy is being extended to interrupt and page fault handling.

Page faults and migrations

userfaultfd is a (relatively) new set of kernel features that allows us to handle page faults in userspace. It is used to implement migration in KVM/Qemu and CRIU. Mike Rapoport will describe the userfaultfd mechanisms and their usage for implementation of post-copy migration. In addition, Mike will address current limitations of userfaultfd, particularly when it is used in non-cooperative mode.

Linux interrupt handling

In this talk Liran will discuss interrupt management in Linux, effective handling, how to defer work using tasklets, workqueues and timers. We’ll learn how to handle interrupts in userspace and talk about the performance and latency aspects of each method as well as look at some examples from the kernel source.


19:00-19:15 mingling

19:15-20:00 userfaultfd and post-copy migration of VMs and containers

20:00-20:15 break

20:15-21:00 Linux interrupt handling

Liran Ben Haim

Liran is the CTO at Mabel technology and co-founder of DiscoverSDK - Software Libraries directory and DiscoverCloud - Business Apps directory

More than 20 years of training experience including courses in: Linux, Android, Real-time and Embedded systems, and many more.

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