meetup event

19:15-20:00 Userspace networking
20:15-21:00 Vector Packet Processing
21:00-21:30 Q&A

Userspace networking
Sasha Solganik will briefly talk about the kernel network stack and why some situations require a different solution.We will go over TCP/IP user stack implementations including LWIP and IX-project.

Sasha is a software developer at lightbitlabs, who has previously worked at Stratoscale, Comigo and SAP.

Vector Packet Processing:

Kirill Tsym will discuss the following topics:

Linux Kernel data path (in short), initial design, today’s situation, optimization initiatives* Brief overview of DPDK, Netmap, etc.

Userspace Networking projects comparison: OpenFastPath, OpenSwitch, VPP* Introduction to VPP: architecture, capabilities and optimization techniques * Basic Data Flow and introduction to vectors

VPP Single and Multi-thread modes

Router and switch for namespaces example

VPP L4 protocol processing - Transport Layer Development Kit

VPP Plugins

Kiril is a software developer at Check Point, part of Next Generation Gateway and Architecture team, developing proof of concept around DPDK and FD.IO VPP. He has years of experience in software, Linux kernel and networking development and has worked for Polycom, Broadcom and Qualcomm before joining Check Point Software Technologies.

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KernelTLV team.