meetup event

19:00-19:15: Arrival
19:15-20:00: I/O Multiplexing
20:00-20:15: Break
20:15-21:00: DMA Survival Guide

I/O multiplexing:
In this talk Liran will cover I/O multiplexing in Linux. He will cover the requirements from the kernel developer when implementing a module that uses I/O multiplexing and briefly cover how to use I/O multiplexing capabilities from userspace.

Liran Ben Haim is the CTO at Mabel technology and co-founder of DiscoverSDK - Software Libraries directory and DiscoverCloud - Business Apps directory

More than 20 years of training experience including courses in: Linux, Android, Real-time and Embedded systems, and many more.

Mabel technology -
DiscoverSDK -
DiscoverCloud -

DMA survival guide:
Ramon Fried will cover the following topics:

  • What DMA is.
  • DMA Buffer Allocations and Management.
  • Cache Coherency.
  • PCI and DMA.
  • dmaengine Framework.
  • Using dmaengine (client).

Ramon is an Embedded Linux team leader in TandemG, leading various cutting edge projects in the Linux kernel.

He has years of experience in embedded systems, operating systems and Linux kernel.

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